5 More Ways Project Management Can Make Your Job Easier

I realize the term “project management” doesn’t sound exciting or very ministry-like.  However, I know from personal experience that planning and managing a project well can reduce the burden on church staff while enabling you to pull off great events and launch new programs.  So, in my shameless attempt to convince you of the wonders of project management, here are five more reasons you should hear me out:

#1: Decreased stress and last-minute scrambling

You’ve seen (and experienced) it too.  The week before a big deadline is fraught with last-minute changes and many late nights.  Tempers flare.  Communication is spotty at best and you’re all just ready for it to be over.  Stop the madness! It doesn’t have to be that way.  Planning ahead and then working the plan prevents this last-minute craziness.

#2: Increased buy-in from the team

Your team needs to understand the “why” behind this new program or event.  Part of the planning process is defining what success looks like for the project and communicating that to the team.  That unifies the group and enables them to communicate more effectively and make better decisions.  Then they can all head in the same direction with purpose and enthusiasm.

#3: Well-informed volunteers who feel appreciated and excited to serve

A lack of planning leads to sending out a desperate plea for volunteers a few days before the event.  The volunteers who set aside their schedules to help receive very little communication or training.  In that scenario, your volunteers are frustrated and annoyed.  They’re serving because they believe in the ministry of your church – so much that they’ll put up with the mess this time.  However, don’t count on that continuing for long if you repeat this process often.

#4: Improved communication

Invest the time upfront to plan how and when you’ll communicate this event.  You’ll want to consider service announcements, social media posts, billboards, website updates and registration, emails, signage around the church, etc.  When you coordinate this communication it will be clear to your congregation and the community what you’re doing, why, and how to get involved.  That will increase participation and make the whole launch day run smoother.

#5: Peace of mind

Now, I know that God is our source of peace.  I’m not taking away from that at all.  In addition to trusting Him for wisdom and direction, we need to use the skills He provides and give thought to our ways.  The simple act of documenting the tasks needed to complete a project brings a measure of peace.  You can see what needs to be done, who’s responsible for each item, and that you have a schedule in-place to get everything done on time.  Yes, you’ll have issues to handle along the way but the volume of issues is greatly reduced when you plan ahead.  That brings peace and helps you be a good steward of the resources (time, money, and talent) that God has provided.

So, there you go.  Five more ways that project management can make your job easier and help your church be even more effective.

How has planning helped your church?  Or, how has not planning caused issues?