5 Life Lessons I Learned on Vacation

My husband and I recently returned from our summer vacation. We visited family and then went to a beachside resort.   We came home with decent tans, a few souvenirs, and lots of fun memories. If you haven’t taken a vacation yet this summer, I highly recommend it. Whether you go out of town or not, taking the time to relax and unplug for a bit is wonderful. Of course, I couldn’t wrap up a vacation without realizing I’d learned a few things from the experience. So, here are a few life lessons I either learned or confirmed while on vacation:

#1 – Carve out time to think

With the world’s news, social media, and more at our fingertips plus a plethora of other distractions, it’s easy to keep consuming information and never sit still to think.

Proverbs 4:26 states, “Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.”

It’s awfully hard to give careful thought to anything unless you intentionally make the time to do so.

As I watched the ocean waves with nothing to read or listen to, I realized how rarely I stop to simply think. I need to make the time to do that more often (waves preferred, but not required).  🙂

#2 – Have fun with your main squeeze

My husband and I had a great time on the beach over vacation.

We tried out snorkeling, paddle boarding, and more.

We walked hand-in-hand along the water.

We simply had fun together.

It’s easy to let the everyday routines of life get in the way of the pure joy of having fun with your best friend. Realizing this has made me more intentional about finding time for us to simply have fun together.

#3 – Unplugging from world events on occasion is healthy

I grew up in a family where current events were the main topics of conversation, so I’ve always tried to stay informed. However, while on vacation I rarely checked the news or even social media.

Between political messages, tragic events, and constant reminders we live in a fallen world, the news can be awfully stressful. For at least a few days, I wanted to tune that out and instead focus on enjoying quality time with my husband.

#4 – Not checking work email isn’t a big deal

I avoided my work email over vacation. If I’d even taken a few minutes to quickly scan subject lines, I would’ve slipped into work mode and lost precious time to relax. Oddly enough, those emails were all still there when I came back to work.

I’d setup an auto responder to let people know I was away from the office, so at least folks knew not to expect an immediate response.

I’d completed some projects in advance to take care of my clients before leaving for vacation.

The world didn’t end without me checking email nor do I think I let anyone down by not responding right away. Instead, I was able to put my full focus and attention on a fun, relaxing vacation with my hubby.

#5 – Rest (and play) are good for the soul

While we enjoyed several water activities over vacation, we didn’t jam-pack our schedule. We slept in, soaked in the sun and fresh air, and relaxed. As a result, we came back feeling refreshed.

Now that I’m back into work mode, I’m getting new projects underway. I love what I get to do for a living, but still need time off on occasion to recharge. Our vacation did just that for me.

There is honor and value in working hard. When you’re dedicated to your vocation, especially when it involves reaching people for Christ, it can be hard to disengage for a few days. However, vacations are helpful for recharging our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s a time to simply enjoy our loved ones and God’s creation. For the sake of yourself, your family, and ministry…take some time off and fully enjoy a time to recharge. You’ll return happier, healthier, and ready to dive back into ministry.

Have you taken a vacation this year?  If so, how did you feel when you returned to work?