4 More Ways to Increase Team Productivity

lightstock_75566_small_user_1989356When you’re trying to do more with the same amount of resources, productivity is an important topic.  In addition to the tips I listed in my last post, here are four more ways to increase your team’s productivity:

#1: Reiterate the vision constantly

It’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day tasks and forget why you’re in ministry in the first place.  Remind your staff of the mission and vision for your church.  Make sure each staff member knows exactly what the win looks like for his/her role.  This keeps them from doing work that doesn’t advance the vision and therefore wasting time.

#2: Bust department silos

One department is frustrated with the accounting team because they rejected a purchase request.  Another doesn’t understand why the facilities department won’t let them use a certain room without advanced notice.  This leads to poor communication and strained relationships between staff members.  Educate your team on what each department does and how each group is vital to the team achieving the vision.

#3: Stop tolerating mediocrity

If you have a staff member who isn’t performing at the level required, you need to deal with that issue immediately.  Find out if he understands your expectations.  Set specific goals and put accountability into place.  If he continues to be unable to handle the job, then it’s probably time to help him transition out.  Yes, that’s a tough call.  However, the rest of your staff has to pick up the slack for this person and everyone will be relieved when he either starts performing or leaves.  The vision is too important to accept less than excellence (not perfection, excellence).  Also, the tithes of your congregation pay for this person’s salary.  Would they appreciate paying for someone to not do their job?

#4: Make sure your staff doesn’t sacrifice their health and relationships for the ministry

If your staff regularly works late hours or on their days off, you have a problem.  Either they aren’t productive or they’re overloaded.  They will burn out and their families will resent the church if you don’t take action.  Set boundaries.

Discuss workload concerns with your team.  Yes, there will be moments when you need to work late.  However, those should be rare.  Ask more volunteers to serve, reduce the number of events or programs you provide, or start hiring qualified staff members to help.  Just because your team is willing to work constantly now doesn’t mean that’s healthy or sustainable for very long.


A high-performing, productive team won’t happen by accident.  Lead the way by providing your team with tools and information to help them increase their effectiveness.  It requires a bit of an upfront investment to change old habits or implement new tools, but that investment will pay off.  Your team will be able to serve more people without wearing themselves out.  That’s a win I’d love to have happen for your team.


Have these tips been helpful? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.  Also, I offer productivity training and would enjoy bringing that to your staff.  Click here to learn more.