4 Ways to Increase Team Productivity

pulling together in the same directionOne of the challenges in ministry is that there’s always more work to do – and it’s unlikely that you can hire a small army anytime soon.  So, to assist you in dealing with that challenge, here are a few practical tips to help your team be even more productive:

#1: Move electronic files onto a shared space

Is your team constantly emailing files back and forth? Do they keep all electronic files on their hard drives?  Both are a waste of time and somewhat risky.  For example: What happens if a computer crashes and several files are lost?  Yeah, that’s a bad day.  Instead, create an internal network with shared folders for your staff to save important files.  Other options include using online storage services such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

#2: Use church management software to maintain records in a single location

Software such as Church Community Builder, Fellowship One, and others enable you to store information about attendees in a central location. You can add notes regarding where each volunteer serves, set reminders to follow-up with visitors, etc.

#3: Stop interrupting each other for impromptu meetings

I’ve seen staff members interrupt a meeting in-progress to ask about an upcoming event or service.  To be blunt, that’s just rude.  Unless the building is on fire (or other dire emergency), send the person you need to speak with an email.  Stop reducing their productivity due to a lack of planning on your part.

#4: Start and stop meetings on time

Speaking of meetings, these things are notorious for wasting time.  Implement these habits to make meetings actually useful:

  • Send out an agenda beforehand
  • Make sure you’ve invited the right people
  • Start on time (even if not everyone is there)
  • Keep the group on-target (no bunny trails)
  • End on time

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Your team will always have an abundance of work to accomplish – that’s just the nature of ministry.  However, you can increase your team’s effectiveness with these practical tips.  I’ve got a few more productivity tips up my sleeve, so stay tuned for the next post.  First, though, I’d like to hear from you:

What tips do you have for increasing team productivity?  Share your suggestions in the comments section.