4 Ways Events Can Propel Church Growth

From holidays to back-to-school nights and community outreaches, hosting events at your church can be a great momentum booster when it comes to growing the church.

Here are four ways events can help propel church growth:

#1 – Attracts people to your church who normally wouldn’t come

Let’s say you host an event for kids the Saturday before Easter. You have an Easter Egg Hunt, face painting, games, and other fun activities. That’s a great family outing regardless of whether the parents planned on taking the kids to church on Easter Sunday.

Now, of course, you want to invite them to come back for service the next day. However, the focus of the event is to help them get to know your staff and congregation. Some people think they might be looked down upon if the first time they attend church that year is on Easter. By offering a fun, unintimidating atmosphere ahead of time you’re making it easier for them to feel welcomed at church on Sunday.

#2 – Serves a specific demographic or group

If there’s an issue or need within your community, consider hosting an event to fill that need. Maybe a big employer went out of business and a job fair would be helpful for those laid off. Perhaps your community has a significant homeless population and your church could offer them a hand up.

These activities serve those in need while introducing them to your church. These are moments where we get to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

#3 – Provides an opportunity for people to serve without a long-term commitment

Signing up to serve on a regular volunteer team might be intimidating to some folks. “What would I be getting myself into?” “Will they want me to serve every week or just once a month?”

Special events offer a chance for people to serve at the event only. It’s a one-time commitment and gives you the opportunity to make a great first impression with new volunteers. You can follow up with them afterward to get their feedback on the experience and see if they’d like to join a Sunday volunteer team.

#4 – Helps spread the word in your community about the church

Whenever you host a special event you’re likely going to promote it within the community. That may include targeted Facebook ads, billboards, radio/TV spots, press releases, etc. When you become known in your community for serving others, providing a great environment for families, and warmly welcoming people who might be skeptical about God, that can open doors for you to share the Gospel with those who may otherwise not give you that chance.

These are just a few ways hosting events can spread the word about your church within the community and attract more people to the Gospel. As you decide which events to host, make sure you consider how much time and effort each event will require. You’ll do more harm than good if you host too many events, wear out your staff and volunteers, and end up making costly mistakes in the process.

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