3 Ways Special Events Build Momentum

Looking to build momentum while rallying your congregation and serving your community? Special events and outreaches are great ways to accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Here are three ways special events build momentum along with event ideas for each:

#1: Attract people who may not otherwise come to a church.

  • Bring in inflatables and games for kids on a Saturday afternoon
  • Host an outdoor concert or movie night with a cookout
  • Organize a job fair including resume writing and interview preparation assistance
  • Host an Easter egg hunt


#2: Demonstrate God’s love in practical, tangible ways.

  • Send teams out to local nonprofits to play with kids, hand out toys, make small repairs, or complete beautification projects (after coordinating with the nonprofits, of course).
  • Host a Christmas event where you distribute food and toys to those in-need.
  • Clean up a neighborhood park.


#3: Rally your congregation as they serve at an event.

  • Special events provide an opportunity for people who’re nervous about committing to serving on a regular basis a chance to try it out.
  • Take good care of your volunteers, have the event well organized, and send out thank you notes afterwards.  As you talk with volunteers the day-of, get to know them and ask if they’d be interested in serving on a regular team.


Special events are great opportunities for your congregation to come together and serve your community.  Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of filling up your calendar with events.  That will eventually turn on you by wearing out your staff and volunteers.  However, when done well, special events create lasting connections with your community and build relationships among the members of your congregation.