3 Questions to Guide Your Christmas Planning

With Christmas around the corner, hopefully your team started planning even before your local stores started putting up Christmas merchandise. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your plans or are just getting started, here are a few questions to help guide your Christmas planning:

#1 – What are we trying to accomplish?

It’s easy to get excited about a big Christmas production with cast members, set décor, elaborate lighting, and lots of festive music. Those can all be wonderful elements to an impactful service. However, let’s not get so overwhelmed and caught up in the details that we forget the big picture.

We’re trying to reach people with the Gospel who may only go to church at Christmas and Easter while helping believers celebrate our Savior’s birth. If going old school and less complicated better achieve that goal for your church, by all means…keep it simple.

#2 – How much do we want to do?

Okay, this may sound selfish at first but hang in here with me for a minute. Special Christmas outreaches, productions, and services require extra effort (read: long working evenings and weekends) for your staff and volunteers. This is already a busy time of year with families traveling or hosting loved ones in their homes, a variety of holiday celebrations, and much more.

Before you’re in the position of desperately begging people to serve at multiple events, consider how many events will help you achieve your goals (see #1) and will allow your congregation be still for a few moments to truly celebrate what this season represents. I’m not saying eliminate everything, but perhaps five services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plus ten outreaches during December and a partridge in a pear tree are a bit too much.

#3 – How will you finish out this year?

As we clean up the Christmas dinner dishes, we’re also thinking about the coming new year. Take a staff meeting to reflect on what your team has accomplished this year.

  • How many people came to Christ?
  • Who has grown into new leadership roles – either staff or volunteer?
  • Has your church gone through a few storms this year and come out stronger?

Celebrate those victories. Ask yourselves why you were successful and how you can learn from those wins. Give your team some time off to enjoy their families, reflect on this past year, seek God’s direction for the coming season, and recharge their batteries.

Christmas is a great time of year to celebrate God’s love for mankind through His Son, enjoy reconnecting with family and friends, while serving our communities. Throughout this season, pause occasionally to consider these questions and how your answers impact how your church celebrates Christmas.

How does your team plan for Christmas services and events?