10 Commandments for Being an All-Star Volunteer

lightstock_50684_xsmall_deborah_wipfIn my last post, I offered 10 Commandments for Leading Church Volunteers.  Today I’d like to offer tips for my fellow church volunteers.

Here are 10 ways volunteers can go over-the-top in serving their church:


  1. Thou shalt be a consistent, faithful volunteer who shows up prepared each week
  2. Thou shalt communicate to leadership early if you need to be gone. Bonus points if you find a replacement and communicate that information when you tell them you’ll be out.
  3. Thou shalt attend training, asking questions if any instructions are unclear
  4. Thou shalt encourage other members of your church to volunteer
  5. Thou shalt support, pray for, and encourage the church staff
  6. Thou shalt not express disagreement with a leader in public.  Instead, discuss the matter with him/her individually and with a gentle spirit.
  7. Thou shalt support and help church staff implement changes or new systems
  8. Thou shalt offer feedback and suggestions for improvement, as they may not see it unless you tell them.  Just remember to be humble and accept their decision whether they implement your suggestions or not.
  9. Thou shalt have a positive attitude even when performing the most mundane tasks
  10. Thou shalt not volunteer to serve in multiple areas each week and then complain about being burned out.  Learn how to say “no.”


Bonus commandment: Thou shalt send an email or thank-you card to church staff members when you notice them going the extra mile.  They need to know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed too.


What did I miss?  Any additional “commandments” that volunteers should follow?