Make These Key Decisions Before Spending a Dime on Your Next Event

Planning your next event involves lots of decisions and details.  It’s tempting to dive right in and start designing graphics, setting the date/time, and much more.  However, before you spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and hold way more meetings than you’d prefer, there are several key decisions you’ll need to make.  These decisions will […]


How to Lead an Event Planning Meeting and Actually Get Stuff Done

You’ve got a big event coming up.  It involves multiple ministry departments, the whole church is invited, and you’re the staff member charged with organizing this whole effort.  You know this will require lots of coordination and communication.  You might use email, Slack, RocoCPM, or another planning tool but you’ll still need a few event […]


4 Signs You Should Say “No”

Whether your title includes pastor, worship leader, church business administrator, or another role on church staff, you’ll often receive requests for your time. Provide counseling Attend graduations, weddings, and other significant events Officiate weddings Talk with someone’s son or daughter Add a new ministry program or event You receive the request and feel torn. There’s […]

4 Signs You Should Say No

5 Reasons Why Planning is Vital for Successful Events

and how you can get started today

What events are coming up at your church in the next few months? Back-to-School kickoff, Small Group launch, Thanksgiving Outreach, Christmas plays, and more? Are you ready for those events or are you feeling a bit stressed at the moment? The first step for any plans you may develop, whether it’s the strategic vision for […]

5 Reasons Why Planning is Vital for Successful Events

Check out this new project management tool for churches

(make sure you read all the way to the end...)

If you coordinate anything for your church… Sunday services Small group signups Community outreaches Baby dedications …you’ve felt the strain of trying to manage all the details, tasks, and communication required when planning these events. Spreadsheets, to-do lists, and emails fly around the office in an attempt to keep everyone on the same page (virtually, […]

Church project management tool

You (and your team) could use a break

Even God took a day off to rest, so why do we feel like we can’t take a break?

If your team is constantly rushing to the next event, sermon series, or program launch, you’re going to wear them out.  A good work ethic is admirable, but you won’t last for the long haul if you try to maintain a frantic pace.

I address this issue and how to develop healthy rhythms within your church staff in this post for Church Fuel.  Click here to check it out.