Beware of the Pastoral Pedestal

Beware of the pastoral pedestal

Recently, we’ve seen the headlines of yet another high-profile pastor resigning due to sin that rendered him unable to continue leading a church. When this happens, we wonder what went wrong. What was the path that eventually led to his downfall and how can that be avoided? We also think of the fallout and aftermath […]

How to increase your team’s productivity

Hint: Clear expectations are key


If you’re managing staff members at your church (or volunteers), you’re constantly looking for ways to be more effective and efficient.  One key contributor to a team’s productivity is whether each individual knows what’s expected of him (or her).  Click here for an article I wrote for Worship Facilities on how to set those expectations.

Practicing what I preach

Plus 4 "rules" for a great vacation


I’m definitely an advocate for taking vacation, getting rest, and taking care of yourself. Well, it’s time for me to do what I recommend you do. My husband and I are taking some time off. We’re staying close to home and will rest, enjoy time with family, and be a little lazy (hey, it’s vacation – […]

Actually, God is in the details

Actually God is in the details

I’ll admit upfront that I’m a bit biased when it comes to this topic. As a writer and project manager, I tend to live and breathe details. Vision and big-picture strategy are definitely important (otherwise, I wouldn’t have any details to work on!) but those get all the press. Vision and strategy are much more […]

7 Steps to Protecting Your Ministry Vision

7 Steps to Protecting Your Ministry Visi

Protecting your ministry vision using risk management is a vital, and yet sometimes, overwhelming endeavor.  If you hang around my site long enough (and I certainly hope you do), you’ll realize I love to give very practical tips on how to implement the ideas I suggest. In keeping with that practice, if you haven’t yet […]

When trending on Twitter isn’t a good thing…

When trending on Twitter isn't a good thing

Not all publicity is good publicity – contrary to the popular saying. If something your church does, or something a church leader says or posts becomes newsworthy, you could have a serious reputation and trust issue on your hands. With social media playing an ever-increasing role in the news cycle, bad news can travel faster […]

Protect the Vision: A Practical Guide to Church Risk Management

ProtectTheVisionMinistry, since it involves fallible human beings, involves risk.  From childcare coordinating to volunteer training, staying updated on building codes to creating evacuation plans, a leader’s life is daily touched by risk management whether they realize it or not.

In my mission to serve church leaders, I’ve created a new resource to address ten top risks you’re facing with over 100 practical tips on how to prevent or reduce the impact of these risks.  It’s “hot off the presses” today, digitally-speaking anyway.  Click here for more information and to get your copy (including ready-to-use templates) today.