It’s time to pivot

Have you ever headed down a certain path and realized it’s close, but not quite the right one? You’re moving forward with a vision for your church and while it’s not terribly off-track, you can tell it’s still not right on-target. That’s where I’ve been recently. Over the last few years, I’ve said that I […]

It's Time to Pivot

The One Thing You Can’t Forget This Easter

From planning for communion, social media promotions, door-to-door invitations, to maybe even an Easter Egg Hunt. We pack a lot into the week leading up to Easter and especially Easter Sunday. It makes sense for this to be a big week for your church. After all, this is the week we celebrate the reason church […]

The One Thing You Can't Forget This Easter

Healthy Relationships Cultivate a Healthy Church

Healthy relationships matter… You can implement the best time management strategies known to mankind. You can preach a masterful sermon or enthrall a room of preteens with a Biblical message. You can have a staff of extremely talented individuals who create the best worship sets, graphics, and social media engagement. You can have or do […]

Healthy Relationships

The Essential Friendship Every Leader Must Have

“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” – Proverbs 27:17 I have a handful of close friends I consider my “you’re being an idiot friends.” Now, that may not be a very positive way to put it, but you get my point. These are friends who wouldn’t (and haven’t) […]

The essential friendship every leader must have

Moving Adventures & Discipleship

As it turns out, moving to upstate NY in the dead of winter isn’t for the faint of heart.  My husband and I moved from OK to upstate NY (as in, near Canada) this month.  We’ve both been surprised by how much time and effort it took to get our place looking less like a […]

Moving adventures

Road Trip!

By the time you see this post, my husband and I will be on the road heading northeast.  We’re moving to upstate New York from Oklahoma for his work.  Since we’ll be neck-deep in moving boxes and furniture arrangements, I’m taking this week and next week off.  Prayers for a low-hassle move with good weather […]

Road trip

Reset How You Manage Yourself This Year

If you didn’t get around to making New Year’s resolutions, click the link below for three simple resolutions to improve your health, time management, and leadership.  No extreme diets or complicated systems required (’cause who has time for that anyway?!).  Enjoy! 3 Powerful New Year’s Resolutions for Church Leadership

Reset How You Manage Yourself This Year