Preparing the Management Side of Ministry for Growth

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Have you ever visited a construction site before the walls are finished and the dry wall is put into place?  If so, you’ve probably noticed the myriad of wires and pipes woven into the hidden recesses of the building.  These items provide ventilation, internet connectivity, plumbing, security system monitoring, and much more. We don’t think […]

5 Questions for a Church Tech Check-up

church tech

Whether you’d consider yourself tech savvy or not, technology is a key component of running your church that you can’t afford to ignore. Thankfully, you don’t have to get an IT degree to ensure you have a solid system in-place. Here are five questions to ask your team for a church tech check-up: #1: Are […]

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the folks at the Tulsa chapter of The Church Network (formerly NACBA) before and look forward to bringing this topic to them in August.

Date: August 21, 2014
Time: 11:30-1:00pm
Event: The Church Network - Tulsa
Topic: How to Prepare the Management Side of Ministry for Growth
Sponsor: The Church Network - Tulsa
Location: Tulsa, OK
Public: Public

I’m looking forward to speaking at The Church Network – Dallas (formerly NACBA) chapter meeting this Fall.  If you’re in church administration in the Dallas area, come join us!

Date: November 20, 2014
Time: 11:30-1:00pm
Event: The Church Network - Dallas
Topic: How to Communicate Administrative Concepts to Non-Administrative Types
Sponsor: NACBA Dallas
Public: Public

3 Keys to Thriving in Ministry


Ministry is messy – even in the back-office. Most people think of stretching ministry experiences involving leading a small group or praying with people at the altar as the most challenging.   However, those of us who have worked in the back-office know that administration is not always smooth sailing either. Administrators are often the ones […]

7 Stewardship Tips to Protect Your Church’s Reputation

7 Stewardship Tips to Protect Your

Aw, finances, everyone’s favorite topic, right? Whether money is tight or you have plenty of financial breathing room, you need to keep a close watch on your church’s finances. Members of your congregation are tithing to support the church’s work and trusting you to spend those donations wisely. To ensure excellent stewardship of church finances, […]

How to invest in your staff without blowing your budget

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If your team is anything like the ones I’ve seen with my clients, they’re dedicated to the vision of your church and work hard to see it succeed.  They’re willing to go the extra mile on a regular basis to reach people with the Gospel and make disciples.  I’m sure you’d love to invest in […]

How your daily actions instruct your team


From an early age, we start observing those around us and learning from their actions. We pick up a local accent, develop a worldview, and see how those we respect handle difficult situations. Your team is no different. They’re learning from your day-to-day behaviors and habits. So, what are they learning? Do they see that […]

How to “fire” a church volunteer


One question I frequently receive when talking about recruiting and retaining church volunteers is what to do about a volunteer who isn’t working out.  In other words, how do I “fire” a volunteer?  This is obviously a delicate situation and needs to be handled with great care. This individual is donating his time and efforts; […]