Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid: Inadequate Facilities Maintenance

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid: Inadequate Facility Maintenance

When I purchased a house several years ago, I had no clue what it took to maintain my home and property. Several months after moving in, I noticed the air filters were a bit on the brown side. I hadn’t replaced them yet. Replacing air filters, hiring a professional to perform maintenance on my A/C […]

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid: Outdated Technology

Hidden financial drains to avoid: Outdated Technology

We’ve all seen the news stories of people lined up outside an Apple store waiting for the next iPhone release or immediately downloading the latest operating system software to check out the new features. Some people love being on the cutting edge of technology. They’re interested in latest iPhone, operating system, gaming console, or other […]

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid

Insufficient Risk Management

Insufficient Risk Management

We’re in a four-part series covering areas where your church might be losing money and how to plug those leaks. In my last post, I addressed the issue of inefficient systems and processes. This edition, however, is regarding areas of potential risk that could cost your church financially and more. At the risk (pun intended) […]

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid

Inefficient Systems & Processes

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid-Inefficient Systems & Processes

As stewards of the financial resources God has provided, we’re responsible for making sure we use that money wisely. There are several areas where churches spend or waste money without realizing what’s happening. It’s not that people are trying to be irresponsible; they simply didn’t see the issue. A leaky faucet or pipe isn’t an […]

Free Social Media Tools You’ll Love

Free social media tools you'll love

Social media can be a great tool for your church. From announcing a new sermon series to inviting your community to participate in a special event, social media can help you reach people who may not seek out your church otherwise. I’ve mentioned a few potential pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when using social media. […]

5 Statements To Lighten Your Leader’s Load

5 Statements to Lighten Your Leader's Load

In my last post, I encouraged leaders to ask their team members five potentially shocking questions. Today, I’d like to offer a few tips for team members on how to help their leaders. Leadership roles come with great responsibility and the burden of knowing your decisions can have a significant impact on people’s lives. Serving […]

5 Questions That Will Shock Your Team

5 Questions That Will Shock Your Team

What types of questions have you asked your team recently? When will you have that ready? Did you have enough volunteers? Why didn’t we get that video announcement finished on-time? Asking about progress and status of assignments are part of the normal rhythm when you’re leading a team. However, there are several questions that can […]

The Difference Between Great Leaders and Leaders Who Appear Great

Do people respect

Do people respect you more or less the closer they get to you?  This is a question I’ve been pondering lately. We all have leaders we admire or respect from a distance. It could be a pastor, a business executive, a non-profit leader, an author, etc. We’ve learned from their preaching, writing, or speeches. We’ve […]

At the center of it all is…


There’s plenty of debate going on lately. We’re in an election cycle, so of course we have lots of back-and-forth between candidates at the moment. But that’s not the kind of debate I’m referring to. I’m referring to the ongoing debates about how we do church and what is (or should be) at the center […]