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I help church leaders grow their church and create a life with healthy margins.

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I help church leaders find and fix the challenges that are holding them back from having a growing church AND a healthy life with more margin.  

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Volunteer Essentials

Learn how to get and keep volunteers - without begging for more each week.

Church Operations

Discover how to get the back office organized so you can focus on front-line ministry.

Event Execution

Learn a powerful process for planning impactful (and less stressful) events.

Get practical, easy-to-use resources to propel your church forward:

Your volunteer how-to guide

Are you wondering if enough volunteers will show up on Sunday?  Don't let another week go by without generating some momentum in your volunteer program. In this toolkit, I'll help you prepare for, recruit, assign, train, and retain volunteers.

Keep your congregation safe

With big vision and people involved, ministry is risky. How do you propel forward with your ministry vision while still protecting our staff, volunteers, and congregation? That's what I cover in this resource for church leaders.  From background checks to emergency planning and more, it's time to deal with potential issues before they happen.

From the Blog

Practical tips to help you grow your church AND create a life with healthy margins.

The word "Christmas" stirs up mixed emotions for those on church staff: Reverence for the One we celebrate during this[...]
I grew up in Oklahoma, as known as “Tornado Alley”. Taking cover during the spring as the sirens went off[...]
Every week across the country, people put their hard-earned money into an offering plate as it’s passed down the aisle.[...]
If you’re planning an event and expect 2-3 times the number of attendees than you normally have on a Sunday,[...]

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